Strawberry Dazzle®

Razzle Dazzle® Dwarf Crapemyrtle

Beautiful neon-rose flowers

Dwarf compact habit. Beautiful neon-rose blooms. Great for mass color.  Mildew Resistant


Lagerstroemia 'PIILAG-II' PP#23,071

Strawberry Dazzle® Dwarf Crapemyrtle

Beautiful neon-rose blooms

Great for container planting

Prune to maintain size and shape

Easy care and mildew resistant

Garden enthusiasts, Cheryl, shares about Strawberry Dazzle®. 

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Strawberry Dazzle®

Plant Profile

Plant Type
Deciduous Shrub
Full Sun
Average Height
4' to 5'
Average Width
4' to 5'
Average Spacing
3' to 4'
Hardiness Zones
Zone 6-9 (-10°F to 30°F) (-23°C to -1°C)
Soil Moisture
Well-drained, semi-moist
Strawberry Dazzle®

Features & Uses


  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Fall color


  • Accent
  • Border
  • Container
  • Mass Planting
  • Specimen
Strawberry Dazzle®

General Maintenance


  • Dead head, remove old flowers
  • Prune to maintain size and shape


  • Apply general purpose fertilizer in the spring when new growth appears. Check with your preferred garden center for your specific area.


  • Mass plant for great full sun color.
Strawberry Dazzle®

Companion Plants

There are several plants that would make great companions in the garden or landscape.
The key to companion planting is selecting plants with similar cultural requirements. Below are a few suggestions:


Chapel Hill Lantana, Asparagus Fern, Joseph's Coat and Acorus.

Development Story

The Razzle Dazzle® dwarf crapemyrtles were developed by world-renowned horticulturist and breeder, Dr. Michael A. Dirr. As the first series within the Gardener’s Confidence® Collection, the Razzle Dazzle® dwarf crapemyrtle varieties were developed with the trustworthy attributes of easy care and mildew resistance, as well as exceptional color and compact habit.

Development Story

Development Story

The crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia sp.), native to SE Asia, is a widely popular woody ornamental flowering shrub/small tree throughout southeastern US landscapes. It is appreciated for its profusion of showy blooms and ability to withstand oppressive summer heat and humidity in full sun gardens. The rather obscure and perhaps nearly extinct L. fauriei, found only in the island of Yakushima, Japan has brought the most significant developments in the breeding of modern ornamental Lagerstroemia cultivars, contributing mainly with powdery mildew resistance, cold hardiness and handsome bark. 

Development Story

Development Story

This tree commonly exceeds a 33ft (10 m) height, with beautiful, exfoliating, dark red-brown bark in its stems. Breeding programs in USA and Europe have generated, in the last three decades, a wide range of plant sizes (from miniature shrubs to tall trees), growth habits (broad, upright, weeping, etc.), cold hardiness (Zones 6-10), disease resistance (powdery mildew) and a wide range of bark characteristics, flower color and fall foliage coloration. 

Development Story

Development Story

Extensive breeding research through the US National Arboretum in Washington, DC, lead by Dr. Donald Egolf, developed true genetic dwarfs 'Chickasaw' and 'Pocomoke'. For the Razzle Dazzle® Dwarf Crapemyrtles, Dr. Michael A. Dirr derived much of his work at the University of Georgia, Athens, from a broad spectrum of USNA germplasms. Working for over 30 years, Dr. Dirr has bred cultivars that are highly desirable in their dwarf habit, spectrum of flower color, deep foliage color, bloom time, and disease resistance. 

Development Story

Development Story

Although crapemyrtles are a staple in the Southeast United States, they are becoming increasingly common in the Northern areas such as St. Louis, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and on Long Island. The eye-catching shrubs continue to enhance landscapes allowing gardeners everywhere to relish in their pure beauty.

Development Story
Care & Planting

Care & Planting


The Razzle Dazzle® dwarf crapemyrtles are a true gardener's plant with attributes that make them easy to grow. Plant in a full sun area for the best bloom performance and foliage color. Looks great as a border, mass planting, or part of a perennial garden. Also try them in containers with annuals and perennials. Deadheading will encourage reblooming from summer to fall.

Care & Planting

Care & Planting

Planting Guide

  • Dig a planting hole twice as large as the root ball
  • Remove plant from container and place in planting hole
  • Level top of root ball with the ground
  • Backfill
  • Water
  • Mulch
  • Keep moist until established
Care & Planting

Care & Planting


Pruning is not required as the Razzle Dazzle® crapemyrtles have a slow growth rate and a good natural form, though deadheading is recommended to encourage reblooming. If you need to prune to maintain shape or size, it is best to prune after the plant is in dormancy, usually late winter to early spring.

Container Planting

Container Planting

For Northern Areas

(Colder than Zone 6) Try container planting in colder zones for a beautiful summer combination with grasses, annuals or perennials. Simply bring the container into a garage or basement during the cold months allowing the plant to go dormant during the winter. Keep moderately moist but well drained during this period (just enough to keep the roots semi-moist). Place the container outside again when temperatures rise above freezing and your plant will be ready for new spring growth.

Bonsai Planting

Bonsai Planting

The Razzle Dazzle® Crapemyrtles can also be used as a great plant for Bonsai combinations. The small leaves, mature trunk, and twisted branches make these varieties an interesting and beautiful choice.

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    What a stunner! The beautiful neon-rose flowers of Strawberry Dazzle® transform the landscape into a garden worth talking about. Attract plenty of birds and butterflies with blooms that add pizzazz all summer long.

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