Spruce up your Fall landscape with Echo® Azaleas

October 11, 2017

Autumn invites happy days of cool, crisp mornings and an abundance of colorful foliage in the landscape. Although most people think about spring for sprucing up the garden, early fall can be a perfect time to get outdoors and incorporate new plants into the mix. Consider planting shrubs that produce showy flowers in both spring and fall to enjoy more color year-round. The Echo® azaleas offer the perfect mix of multi-season blooms, evergreen foliage, and exceptional cold hardiness. Look for stand-out… Read More

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Barnyard Favorites!

July 26, 2015

Imagine a garden with puffs of bright colored blooms adding cheer during the hot summer months. While some plants struggle to thrive in high temperatures, the new barnyard mid-size crapemyrtles will be ready to shine in the garden with playful shades of red, purple and pink.   The Red Rooster mid-size crapemyrtle is a beautiful, upright grower with large panicles of brilliant red blooms that are truly something to crow about. With their love of all things sun, it is an ideal choice for gardens… Read More

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Pearlific Viburnum

July 20, 2015

With the added stress of today’s hectic lifestyles, many gardeners are taking aim at planting a simple monochromatic landscape. In particular, a sweep of blissful white can take a garden to a whole new level. A white garden is famous for creating a cooling effect on the psyche to ease the hot days of summer.   With this current trend of simplicity in the garden, Pearlific Viburnum fits in beautifully. The magnificent shrub cultivates elegance from the start with plentiful blooms, attractive… Read More

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