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Mid-Size Crapemyrtles add Whimsy to the Garden

Imagine a garden with puffs of bright colored blooms adding cheer during the hot summer months. While some plants struggle to thrive in high temperatures, the new barnyard mid-size crapemyrtles will be ready to shine in the garden with playful shades of red, purple and pink.


The Red Rooster mid-size crapemyrtle is a beautiful, upright grower with large panicles of brilliant red blooms that are truly something to crow about. With their love of all things sun, it is an ideal choice for gardens that are looking for that pop of color. They scream ‘bring on the heat’ withstanding even the hottest summer days and dry conditions. The low maintenance shrub adds character minus the tedious work that comes along with many plant varieties. Reaching a modest 8-10 feet tall, its mid-size habit creates the charm without taking over a vast area. For a striking contrast against Red Rooster’s bright flowers, under planting with silver foliaged plants such as artemesia or variegated liriope make the red stand out even more. 


Create more charm in the landscape by making room for Purple Cow crapemyrtle.  Brimming with deep majestic purple flowers against dark green foliage, it is easy to see why it is a gardener’s favorite. Standing 6-10 feet tall, the blooms flow freely creating an udderly magnificent display. It is best combined with other brightly colored varieties to spread the cheer throughout all borders of the landscape. For an intriguing color echo effect, consider an under planting of Homestead Verbena. The shadowing of the colors tricks the eye into feeling like the blooms can go on forever.


Rounding out the barnyard favorites is the lively Pink Pig variety. The soft, pale pink blooms are reminiscent of cotton candy bringing you back to childhood days of being carefree and fancy-free. The wisps of blooms are light and playful when they sway in the wind. At only 6’-10’ high, it doesn’t tower over other varieties making it perfect for smaller gardens. Easily combined with other plants, Pink Pig’s pastel color will make your garden squeal with delight. Evergreen groundcovers such as Blue Rug Junipers create a beautiful carpet effect complimenting the softness of the blooms.


Get out and play in the garden with these barnyard favorites. With the lively array of colors to choose from, they are truly a gardener’s delight.

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