Pearlific Viburnum

Plentiful Blooms for an Elegant White Garden

With the added stress of today’s hectic lifestyles, many gardeners are taking aim at planting a simple monochromatic landscape. In particular, a sweep of blissful white can take a garden to a whole new level. A white garden is famous for creating a cooling effect on the psyche to ease the hot days of summer.


With this current trend of simplicity in the garden, Pearlific Viburnum fits in beautifully. The magnificent shrub cultivates elegance from the start with plentiful blooms, attractive foliage and a mild fragrance that leaves you wanting more. The compact 5-6’ x 5-6’ habit creates the perfect focal point. When planted alongside white azaleas and camellias, the flow of color radiates a tranquil feel.  Underplantings such as candytuft, white creeping phlox, impatiens and artemesia ‘Powis Castle’ can trickle underneath to extend the beauty.  Other plants that can be used to complete the white garden effect are white iris, petunias and even silver-foliaged varieties such as japanese painted fern. Placing a silver mirrored gazing ball or eclectic garden art between the plants will add to the magical feel.


As the hot days of summer pass on by, Pearlific Viburnum extends the growing season with a pop of color as it produces red berries in the fall and winter. The delightful fruit provides a sweet treat for birds and wildlife at a time of year when food can be scarce. The attractive evergreen foliage also maintains its color during the otherwise dull season. With its low maintenance and ability to adapt quickly to the landscape, Pearlific is the ideal selection to begin an elegant white garden.

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