Pink Explosion Bloom 'N Again azalea

Spruce up your Fall landscape with Echo® Azaleas

Autumn invites happy days of cool, crisp mornings and an abundance of colorful foliage in the landscape. Although most people think about spring for sprucing up the garden, early fall can be a perfect time to get outdoors and incorporate new plants into the mix. Consider planting shrubs that produce showy flowers in both spring and fall to enjoy more color year-round.

The Echo® azaleas offer the perfect mix of multi-season blooms, evergreen foliage, and exceptional cold hardiness. Look for stand-out varieties such as the Pink Explosion™ azalea. With its stunning dark pink blooms, the azalea maintains its vibrancy for several weeks for an eye-popping color. Other colors range from dark red, orange, purple, pink, and white making it easy to incorporate them into the landscape. 

While you can add azaleas to the landscape year-round, keep in mind that the best time to plant Echo® azaleas is early fall and springtime.  If planting in the fall, it is best to ensure roots are established before freezing temperatures hit. Pick a spot in the garden that receives at least 6 hours of full sun (preferably in the morning) to help produce beautiful blooms and lush foliage. If cool temperatures come earlier, a canvas or blanket can easily be placed over the plants for added protection.

Container plantings are another perfect way to bring the charm of azaleas to outdoor living spaces. In northern climates, container plantings can be brought into a garage or basement during extreme winter weather.  Keep moderately moist but well drained during this period (just enough to keep the roots semi-moist) and place outside when temperatures warm up once again.

The beauty of planting the Echo® azaleas in the fall is their ability to establish rather quickly. When the warm temperatures of spring arrive there will be an abundance of flowers to enjoy once again. Also, keep in mind that azaleas tend to like the cool temperatures of fall and will reward you with longer bloom times.

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