Augusta Echo®

Augusta Echo® Azalea

A Southern beauty made new!

A Southern classic, reinvented!  Augusta Echo® is the showiest, reblooming azalea around. Brilliant, freckled-fuchsia flowers, set against velvety, evergreen foliage, bloom generously in spring and then again in a second bloom period beginning late July or early August, and keep on going into November. Boasts the same sun-tolerance and vigor of the original, the beloved 'Formosa' Southern Indica azalea. A bold and brilliant choice for the landscape. 

Rhododendron  ‘RutRhod1’ PPAF 

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Augusta Echo® has the vivid fuchsia flowers of the original 'Formosa' Southern Indica variety, but over two bloom seasons in spring in fall. 

Augusta Echo® is the newest addition to the Echo® series of reblooming azaleas from Gardener's Confidence® Collection.

Augusta Echo® is a large and vigorous variety, for maximum impact in the landscape.

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Augusta Echo®

Plant Profile

Plant Type
Reblooming azalea
Full sun - part shade
Average Size
6 ft high and wide
USDA Hardiness
7b - 10
Soil Conditions
Moist, well-enriched, acidic

Development Story

Echo® Reblooming Plants

Development Story
Echo® Reblooming Plants

Echo® Reblooming Plants

Echo® Reblooming Plants

  • Sun tolerant azalea

    Sun tolerant azalea

    Southern Indica azaleas are well known and loved for their sun and heat tolerance, pushing the boundaries of where azaleas can typically be grown. These azaleas are also vigorous growers, often reaching a height of six feet or more! With stunning fuschia flowers in spring and again starting in late summer or early fall, Echo™ is sure to dazzle. 

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