Bloom 'N Again® Azalea

A Southern beauty made new!

A Southern classic, reinvented!  Echo™ is the showiest, reblooming azalea around. Brilliant, freckled-fuchsia flowers, set against velvety, evergreen foliage, bloom generously in spring and then again in a second bloom period beginning late July or early August, and keeps on going into November. Boasts the same sun-tolerance and vigor of the original, the beloved 'Formosa' Southern Indica azalea. A bold and brilliant choice for the landscape. 

Rhododendron x 'RutRhod1' PPAF

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Echo™ has the vivid fucshia flowers of the original 'Formosa' Southern Indica variety, but over two bloom seasons in spring in fall. 

Echo™ is the newest addition to the Bloom 'N Again® series of reblooming azaleas from Gardener's Confidence® Collection.

Echo™ is a large and vigorous variety, for maximum impact in the landscape.

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Plant Profile

Plant Type
Reblooming azalea
Full sun - part shade
Average height
6 feet
Average width
6 feet
Average spacing
5-7 feet
Zone 7b - 10
Soil Moisture
Moist, well-enriched, acidic

Development Story

The Bloom ’N Again® Azaleas were developed by Mr. James Harris, a backyard breeder and hobbyist, with a keen eye for unique and unusual characteristics. These azaleas have been carefully selected for their repeat blooming habits and cold hardiness. The broad range of brilliant colors, flower shape and form make them desirable for any garden. 

Development Story

Development Story

All the Bloom ’N Again® Azaleas are evergreen shrubs good for planting in mass or integrated into a hedge or shrub border. With little need to prune, they are perfect for a naturalized area such as shade or woodland gardens. Dependent on growing conditions, most of the Bloom ’N Again® Azaleas start their fall blooming season in late September.

Development Story
Care & Planting

Care & Planting

Azaleas prefer light shade and well-drained, slightly acidic soil, rich with organic matter. Dig hole two times the width of the container. If the soil appears too sandy or is heavy clay, amend with organic matter. Remove from the container and place in hole so that the top of the root ball is slightly above the ground level. Backfill. Water. Mulch. Keep moist until established. 


*Plant shown is Snowball

  • Sun tolerant azalea

    Sun tolerant azalea

    Southern Indica azaleas are well known and loved for their sun and heat tolerance, pushing the boundaries of where azaleas can typically be grown. These azaleas are also vigorous growers, often reaching a height of six feet or more! With stunning fuschia flowers in spring and again starting in late summer or early fall, Echo™ is sure to dazzle. 

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