Kaleidoscope Abelia is an amazing color changing plant with so many versatile and easy care attributes. The leaf variegation of ‘Kaleidoscope’ is dramatically defined and is truly a year long changing event. In early spring the leaves emerge on bright red stems with lime-green centers and bright yellow edges. When summer arrives, the yellow matures to golden and the variegation does not burn or scorch in the hottest of weather. In fall and winter the foliage color deepens to shades of orange and fiery red and the winter foliage hangs on better than other abelias.

Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’ is reported to be the longest-blooming of all the abelias. By late spring the entire bush is covered with soft pink buds that open to white blooms. The blooms keep coming well into autumn.

Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’ is an easy to care for versatile plant. Kaleidscope is frost, drought and heat tolerant as well as deer-resistant. A position in full sun brings out the most vibrant color changes in the leaves. 

Abelia x grandiflora ‘Kaleidoscope’ PP#16,988

Fall variegation shows a rainbow of color!

Spring foliage with bright yellow and green coloration

Beautiful in combiniation borders with perennials - red stems shine in contrast to the bright foliage

Amazing color in fall and winter!

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Plant Profile

Plant Type
Evergreen in Zone 7 (Deciduous in Colder Zones)
Full Sun for Best Color Variegations and Blooming
Average Height
3 - 4'
Average Width
3' - 4'
Average Spacing
5' - 6'
Hardiness Zones
Zones 6-9
Habit Shape
Dense, compact and mounded habit.
More Info
See 'Features & Uses' and 'General Maintenance' above

Features & Uses


  • Disease resistant
  • Low Maintenance / Easy to care for
  • Long flowering period
  • Drought and Heat Tolerant
  • Deer Resistant



  • Container
  • Mass Planting
  • Borders
  • Specimen/Accent

General Maintenance


  • Occasionally, this plant may produce water shoots that should be immediately pruned out. To maintain a well-shaped plant, one may trim ‘Kaleidoscope’ basically anytime from spring to late summer.



  • ‘Kaleidoscope’ performs best with a slow release, high nitrogen fertilizer applied in the spring of each year.


  •  Kaleidoscope Abelia is easy to care for, making it perfect for beginner gardeners to expert landscapers. This versatile plant is frost, drought and heat tolerant as well as deer-resistant.

History of the Genus

Genus name honors Dr. Clarke Abel (1780-1826), physician and naturalist, who collected seeds and plants in China. 

History of the Genus
Care & Planting

Care & Planting

Combine annuals, perennials and flowering shrubs or trees with a variety of evergreens to create a colorful backyard haven. Year round foliage adds color during dull winter months.

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    Versatile abelia perform so well in the landscape, they are practically maintenance free. Many varieties are fragrant and our selections are long flowering from summer into fall. They are semi-decidous in the south and will retain most of their foliage during the dormant period.


    Use abelia for places that are full sun to part shade. They are frost, drought and heat tolerant as well as deer-resistant! Beautiful in mixed containers, small gardens, pathways and in mass. Spice up the garden with these truly special plants that spice up the view with delicate blooms and fantastic foliage! 

    'Kaleidoscope' Abelia pictured here

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