Paul’s Gold Cypress

Heat Tolerant Conifer

Cascading, Golden Evergreen Foliage

The cascading, golden evergreen foliage of Paul's Gold Cypress makes it a perfect choice for borders. The beautiful variety retains its color all year round. Easy to grow and disease resistant for low maintenance landscapes.


Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Paul's Gold'

Paul's Gold Cypress 

Easy to grow

Cascading, golden evergreen foliage

Perfect choice for borders

Disease resitant and low maintenance

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Paul’s Gold Cypress

Plant Profile

Plant Type
Full Sun to Partial Sun
Average Height
4' - 5'
Average Width
4' - 5'
Average Spacing
4' - 5'
Hardiness Zones
Zone 5 - 9
Soil Moisture
Paul’s Gold Cypress

Features & Uses


  • Deer resistant
  • Disease resistant
  • Drought tolerant once established



  • Accent
  • Container
  • Foundation
  • Mass Planting
Paul’s Gold Cypress

General Maintenance


With its beautiful natural form, there is little need to prune. 



Apply general purpose fertilizer in the spring when new growth appears. Check with your preferred garden center for your specific area.



  • A wonderful choice as a focal point in a container garden.
Paul’s Gold Cypress

Companion Plants

There are several plants that would make great companions in the garden or landscape.
The key to companion planting is selecting plants with similar cultural requirements. Below are a few suggestions:


Ever Red® Loropetalum, Berry Dazzle® Crapemyrtle, Blue Suede® Blueberry, Pinwheel® Gardenia

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    Spectacular choice! Paul’s Gold Cypress is a great selection for adding year round appeal to garden borders. Its exemplary heat tolerance combined with disease resistant foliage means low maintenance for a stress-free garden. Try planting with the fragrant Pinwheel® Gardenia or Blue Suede® Blueberry for an eye-catching landscape.

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