Brindabella™ Purple Prince

Fragrant Shrub Rose

Brindabella Roses™

Purple is the color of royalty, and Purple Prince™ is regal indeed! This new introduction offers the most fragrance you can ask of a rose, along with well-formed double flowers in a glowing violet hue covering dense, bushy plants. Put away your pruners and sprays: The mildew- and black spot-resistant foliage is as clean as it comes with roses, and Brindabella Roses™ rebloom every 6 - 8 weeks without deadheading.


Rosa 'GRAppl' PP#28,364

Purple Prince is a rock star in the garden!

Purple Prince pumps out new flowers every six weeks from spring until fall

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Brindabella™ Purple Prince

Plant Profile

Fragrant well-formed double flowers in a glowing violet hue covering dense, bushy plants.
Plant Type
Full Sun
Average Height
Average Width
Hardiness Zones
Zones 5-9
Fragrance, long bloom period
Mildew and black spot resistance
Dense, bushy habit
Brindabella™ Purple Prince

Features and Uses

  • Highly fragrant
  • Mildew- and black spot-resistant
  • Dense, bushy habit
  • Long bloom period
  • Intense bloom color

Time to smell the roses!

Brindabella Roses were bred by John and Sylvia Gray, who operate Brindabella Country Gardens, a retail rose specialist in Queensland, Australia. “Since our marriage in 1979, Sylvia and I have been avid gardeners,” John says. “We planted our first roses at our first house we bought and have been growing them ever since.” In 1992, they purchased a 5-acre plot of land in Toowoomba with the dream of creating an internationally recognized garden with an English garden theme. Toowoomba is known as the Garden City of Australia and hosts a Carnival of Flowers each year. 

Time to smell the roses!

Garden City of Australia

Their garden has become the centerpiece of the event, with thousands of visitors flocking to view more than 2,000 roses each year. The Grays soon built a retail nursery, as a plan to transition to retirement. An agronomist by trade, John worked for the state department of agriculture and then crop protection company American Cyanamid in Australia. After a career in plant pathology, John ventured into rose production and then rose breeding with a focus on disease resistance, specifically powdery mildew and black spot.

Garden City of Australia


One challenge: Toowoomba’s climate is not good for roses. “Every night, a maritime breeze blows in from the coast. It is lifted by the mountain topography and condenses moisture onto everything, so all plant leaves are soaked with moisture every night for about seven hours,” John explains. “Rose black spot is devastating, and defoliation is very severe. With my plant pathology background, I new that if we were to succeed, the answer lay in breeding.”


Rose scent

This meant seeking out and evaluating black spot resistant roses. “By luck, I came across a white rose sent out from the United Kingdom with very strong perfumed double flowers, planted it and watched it thrive and remain completely clean of black spot for four years, whilst other roses in the garden succumbed badly,” John says.

Rose scent

Modern Shrub Roses

“Sylvia and I agreed we would use it as a parent to breed our own black spot-resistant roses that looked like a rose and smelled like a rose should.” This early breeding became the foundation for the Brindabella series – modern shrub roses that offer form, function and fragrance.

Modern Shrub Roses
Care and Planting

Care and Planting

Brindabella Roses™, a collection of tough shrub roses selected for superior garden performance and show-stopping flowers. These roses have a bushy growth habit, excellent disease resistance, and fragrant doubled flowers in an array of traditional and modern colors. These low maintenance roses are very vigorous yet grow to only 4 feet tall and wide in 2 years’ time. Very well suited to home gardens and commercial landscapes alike, the foliage is among the cleanest to be found in any shrub rose and the fragrance will stop any passerby in their tracks.


Seasons: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter – Southern Climates

Colors: Purple, Pink and Dark Crimson

Light Levels: Partial-Sun, Sun

Vigor: Vigorous

Earliness: Mid

Habit: Upright

Usage: Container Gardens, Gardens, Landscapes

  • In The Garden

    In The Garden

    Brindabella Rose™ Purple Prince is an easy, low-care addition to shrub borders and flowerbeds. The intense color and repeat blooms every six weeks keep the show going for months!


    Back Purple Prince with evergreens to show off flowers to their best effect. Use colorful annuals and perennials that complement their rich reddish-violet hue. 


    The compact, bushy shape of Brindabella rose shrubs help to avoid the "legginess" of fussy hybrid tea roses. but a low layer of groundcover or shorter plants can also help give your flowerbeds a lush, layered look.

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