Red Empress

Shrub Rose

Brindabella Roses™

Brindabella Roses™ Red Empress reigns supreme, pairing the red rose of classic lore with the most modern advancements in breeding. Blooms may range from violet-pink at the height of summer to a rich crimson red as temperatures cool. The mildew- and black spot-resistant foliage is as clean as it comes with roses, and Brindabella roses rebloom every 6 - 8 weeks without deadheading. The healthy, dense shrubs get to 4’ feet tall and wide within two years, and stay there -- without pruning!

Rosa 'GRAred' PP#28,215

Classic rose looks without fuss!

Dense, healthy shrubs are covered with blooms every 6-8 weeks

Shrub roses with a beautiful fragrant bold bloom

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Red Empress

Plant Profile

Plant Type
Full Sun
Average Height
Average Width
Average Spacing
Hardiness Zones
Zones 5-9
Red Empress

Features & Uses

  • Intense color and fragrance
  • Reblooms
  • Large, double fragrant flowers
  • Dense foliage, bushy growth habit
  • Well suited to home gardens and commercial landscapes
  • Vigorous yet grow to only 4 feet tall and wide in 2 years’ time
  • Excellent resistance to black spot and powdery mildew. 


Development Story

Brindabella roses: Modern shrub roses with fully formed, fragrant flowers. Born in Australia and now available in America, the Brindabella rose varieties set a new standard for shrub roses. Superior genetic resistance to fungal diseases such as black spot and powdery mildew reduce risk and the need for chemicals. A bushy growing habit with dense foliage and large, double fragrant flowers form the perfect combination of old fashioned familiarity with modern performance. 

Development Story
Care and Planting

Care and Planting

Full Sun to Part Shade. Repeat blooming and a vigorous grower. Keep moist. Brindabella Roses are naturally well-branched and exhibit early bud production and flowering. However, plants will respond well to pruning. Brindabella Roses are inherently resistant to blackspot and powdery mildew. 

Well suited to home gardens and commercial landscapes. Vigorous yet grow to only 4 feet tall and wide in 2 years' time. Dense foliage, bushy growth habit. 

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    Introducing Brindabella Roses™, a collection of tough shrub roses selected for superior garden performance and fantastic fragrance! 

    Show-stopping flowers bloom in traditional and modern colors. The foliage is among the cleanest to be found in any shrub rose and the fragrance will stop you in your tracks!


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