Swan Princess®


Very compact with double blooms

Swan Princess® is a true delight in a petite package, with fragrant, double flowers starting early in the season and a generous rebloom. Her dark green leaves perfectly complement her full-size blooms, and her diminutive size will never grow out of bounds, even in containers.

Huge, double blooms

Intoxicating, sweet fragrance from abundant flowers

Brighten the garden in the evening with these moonlit flowers

Glossy dark foliage is a wonderful backdrop

Abundant buds and blooms

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Swan Princess®

Plant Profile

Plant Type
Full Sun to Part Shade
Average Height
Average Width
Average Spacing
Hardiness Zones
Zone 6B-9
Soil Moisture
Well-drained, average moisture
Swan Princess®

Development Story

The Swan Series of repeat-blooming gardenias was developed by our own in-house horticulturist, Brian Jernigan, and his wife, Maria. They were striving to maximize cold hardiness and disease resistance, while achieving a beautiful bloom, reliable reblooming, and a compact habit. 

Acid-loving evergreens

Acid-loving evergreens

Prefers moist, well-drained, acidic soil. When planting, condition the soil with plenty of organic matter. Mulch after planting to maintain moisture in the soil. The Swan Maiden™, Swan Princess™ Heaven Scent® and Pinwheel® Gardenia are perfect choices for container gardens. Rely on gardenias to offer evergreen structure, enhanced by fragrant summer blooms. By combining with annuals and perennials, their repeat blooming habits and glossy evergreen foliage add year round interest to your patio or garden. Remember to place them where you will enjoy the wonderful fragrance.

  • Delightful and versatile

    Delightful and versatile

    Swan Princess® has almost unlimited usefulness in the garden. The diminutive size is perfect for planters, raised beds, or small-space gardens. Sensory gardens are enhanced by the intoxicating fragrance. At just over two feet high, consider using it to edge a cottage garden or front walkway, relying on the dainty evergreen foliage to create a tidy hedge, enhanced by a reblooming display of double white flowers. 

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