Indoor Decorating Tips

Mini Penny Hydrangea creates an elegant display for the home.
Float Heaven Scent® blooms in a bowl to welcome guests & add beautiful fragrance
The striking burgundy foliage creates a perfect filler to make arrangements

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Create simple arrangements
with cuttings from the garden.

It is truly satisfying to plant a garden that can be used later for cut flowers to bring indoors. Not only is it cost effective, it is a simple way to create easy arrangements to scatter throughout the home.


When planning your outdoor garden space, think about incorporating flowering shrubs that have an extended bloom time such as Heaven Scent® Gardenia or Mini Penny™ Hydrangea. With multiple blooms, it’s easier to snip without the concern of removing future color from the plants.


Gardenias create an enticing scent when they are grown next to entranceways or patio areas where people gather for entertaining. They are also an ideal choice for bringing indoors as a natural air freshener to liven up a room. When cutting Gardenias such as Heaven Scent® or Pinwheel®, carefully hold the stem and do not touch the petals to prevent premature browning. Gardenias work well floating in a bowl of water next to a bedside or used in tiny vases for smaller areas that need sprucing up. Try using multiple bud vases and group together for a cohesive look and more fragrance in a particular area of the house.  Gardenias prefer a humid environment to prevent drying or wilting. When possible, mist the blooms with water to extend their beauty.


Hydrangeas have long been known for their classic beauty for indoor arrangements. With different shapes and forms to choose from such as mopheads, cone-like paniculatas or lacecaps, they easily take center stage and require less fillers to make the arrangement stand out. 


When cutting directly from the garden, it is important to take certain measures to preserve the delicate blooms. Keep in mind that hydrangeas love to stay hydrated at all times.  We suggest bringing a container full of water into the garden so the stems can be dropped into liquid immediately after cutting. It is best to snip the stem at an angle to allow more moisture to be absorbed. After bringing indoors, boil water and pour into another cup or container. Place the hydrangea stem into the hot water for about 30 seconds and then immediately put back into room temperature water for arranging. This simple trick seems to keep the blooms revived for a longer period of time. If the flowers begin to droop, this boiling water technique will help to bring life back to the blooms for up to a week.


Depending on the style of your home, think about the colors you wish to use in the décor. Repeat blooming Mini Penny™ Hydrangea produces flowers in pink or blue (depending on the pH of the soil) to add a pop of color to a room. If neutral is preferred, the delicate cone-shaped white flowers of Baby Lace® Hydrangea have a way of brightening up any area. Experiment with different kinds of containers such as mason jars, old milk bottles or galvanized cans. Adding a piece of raffia or decorative ribbon can spruce up a simple vase without too much fuss. Try checking out antique markets to create one-of-a-kind pieces right out of your own personal garden.


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