Echo® Strawberry Kiss™

Reblooming Azalea

Echo® Reblooming Plants

The abundant, dark red blooms of Strawberry Kiss will add dramatic color to the garden space. The repeat blooms create a stunning display from summer into fall. Ideal for shade or woodland gardens.


Azalea x ‘MNIHAR025' PP#24,335

Abundant, dark red blooms add dramatic color to the garden space

Echo® Strawberry Kiss™ Azalea

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Echo® Strawberry Kiss™

Plant Profile

Plant Type
Broadleaf Evergreen
Part Sun
Average Height & Width
3'-4' H x W
Hardiness Zones
Zone 7-9 (0°F to 30°F) (-17° to -1C°)
Soil Moisture
Prefers moist, but well-drained acidic soil
Deer resistant
Accent, Container, Mass Planting, Specimen
Attracts birds, butterflies & hummingbirds
Drought Tolerance
Drought tolerant once established
Creative uses
Can serve as groundcover
Special attributes
Disease resistant
Echo® Strawberry Kiss™

General Maintenance


With its beautiful natural form, there is little need to prune. If required, do so after flowering to maintain a desired size.

Rarely prune

Prune to maintin shape and size


Acidic fertilizer recommended


Azaleas are evergreen shrubs making them ideal hedges or shrub borders. Try planting along a fence for color throughout the dull winter months.

Echo® Strawberry Kiss™

Companion Plants

There are several plants that would make great companions in the garden or landscape.
The key to companion planting is selecting plants with similar cultural requirements. Below are a few suggestions:


Camellias, Mini Penny Hydrangea, Magnolias, Dogwood Trees, Abelias, Pinwheel Gardenia, Hosta, Phormium, Epimedium

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    Plant Bloom ‘N Again® Azaleas in mass to create an eye-catching display for the garden. With their unique flower shapes and forms, they are ideal in borders for a pop of impact with long lasting appeal.

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