‘Pride of Augusta’

Showy Spring Bloomer

Carolina Jasmine

'Pride of Augusta' Carolina Jasmine (or Jessamine) sports double yellow blooms, setting it apart from the native variety of this evergreen vine. Bursts into bloom in early spring, greeting visitors and providing an early food source for pollinators with cheery yellow trumpets set against glossy green leaves. Allow it to reach its full height, up to 20 feet, or train to a trellis or fence for a full, bushy effect. Please note, this plant is toxic to humans, but also very resistant to deer. 


Gelsemium sempervirens  'Pride of Augusta'

Double yellow blooms create extra impact

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‘Pride of Augusta’

Plant Profile

Plant Type
Full Sun to Part Shade
Average Height
10' to 20'
Average Spacing
5' - 7'
Hardiness Zone
Zones 7-9
‘Pride of Augusta’

Features & Uses

  • Ruffled double blooms
  • Early spring bloomer
  • Evergreen foliage
  • Selection of North American native
  • Greet spring!

    Greet spring!

    Throughout the Southeast, you'll see this cheery yellow vine climbing among the pines along roadsides blooming in very early spring. In your garden, 'Pride of Augusta' Carolina jessamine creates a warm welcome for spring and other visitors, with ruffled double blooms that offer something a little extra special over the native variety. Left untrained, it can reach heights of 20 feet, but is easily kept to a trellis, arbor, or pergola.

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