Orion Anise


Star Flower

Growing only 3 feet tall, Star Flower Orion is a unique Illicium with showy white spring flowers that bloom again in summer and into fall. This adaptable evergreen shrub is adaptable to a variety of growing conditions including moist to relatively dry shade as well as full sun conditions. Deer hate the large, aromatic, olive green leaves. Pest and drought tolerant.

Orion's star-shaped flowers shine in shady spots

Orion is naturally low-growing and compact for low-maintenance hedges and screening

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Orion Anise

Plant Profile

Plant Type
Partial to Full Shade
Average Height
3 feet - 5 feet
Average Width
4 feet - 6 feet
Average Spacing
3-6 feet
USDA Zones 6a-9b
Soil Moisture
Moist to Wet, Well-drained

Development Story

The Star Flower Illicium series of flowering broadleaf evergreen shrubs are North Carolina State University introductions from Dr. Tom Ranney, bred at the Mountain Crop Improvement Lab. They are a hybrid between the species Illicium floridanum and I. mexicanum. The shrubs have two main bloom seasons, first in April-May and again in September-November, blooming sporadically in between. Their frequent bloom, deer-resistance, aromatic foliage, and tolerance for damp and shady sites make them excellent and adaptable ornamental shrubs.

Development Story
Care & Planting

Care & Planting

Plant these shrubs in a spot where they get dappled or partial shade for best blooming. They tolerate damp or even wet soil, but moist, well-drained soil with organic matter is ideal. The shrubs are naturally compact and do not require pruning. Plant them 3 - 6 feet apart. They prefer an acid or neutral soil and can be fertilized with a product formulated for acid-loving plants. 

  • In The Garden

    In The Garden

    Add a little "starlight" to a shady spot with the twinkling white flowers of Orion Star Flower. A great problem-solver plant for deer-prone and wet areas, too. 

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