Scorpio Anise



At only 3-4 feet tall, Star Flower Scorpio is a very unique extra dwarf Florida anise covered with bright scarlet red flowers and handsome evergreen foliage. The star-shaped flowers give this series its name. This native superstar does well in moist or dry sites and in part to deep shade. Very drought tolerant and deer and diseases stay away.

Scorpio is covered with fiery red star-shaped flowers.

Blooms appear throughout the year, even in heavily shaded sites.

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Scorpio Anise

Plant Profile

Plant Type
Partial Shade to Full Shade
Average Height
3 feet - 5 feet
Average Width
4 feet - 6 feet
Average Spacing
3 feet - 6 feet
Hardiness Zones
USDA Zones 6a - 9b
Soil Moisture
Moist to wet soil
Scorpio Anise

Features & Uses


  • Bright red star-shaped flowers
  • Blooms in full shade
  • Multiple flowering times throughout the year
  • Fragrant, deer-resistant evergreen leaves
  • Tolerates damp sites
  • Attracts pollinators


  • Brighten a shady corner
  • Use in a deer-prone area
  • Create a low evergreen hedge
  • Plant in a damp, shady area
Scorpio Anise

General Maintenance


  • Naturally compact and dense; does not typically require pruning


  • Prefers neutral to acidic soil; fertilize with acid-loving plant formulas

Dependable form and beautiful blooms

Drought tolerant and beautiful blooms make this plant a perfect addition for a spark of color in the garden, 

Dependable form and beautiful blooms
Care and Planting

Care and Planting

 Deer hate the large, aromatic, olive green leaves. Pest and drought tolerant.

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    Star Flower Scorpio provides bright bursts of color throughout the year with tasseled red flowers against handsome evergreen leaves. Star Flowers' deer-resistant foliage, willingness to bloom even in full shade, and tolerance of wet sites make it a wonderful problem solver for tough areas. The compact growth of this series creates an easy, no-prune hedge. 

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