Believe It Or Not®


Variegated Forsythia

Love the yellow blooms of forsythia? With Believe It or Not®,  you can enjoy that warm yellow glow from spring until fall, thanks to this new selection's exciting variegated gold foliage! The golden coloring holds up well all season, and the natural hardiness of this classic favorite makes this an easy to grow, easy to enjoy addition to any garden.  Enjoy in full sun to part shade. Tolerates average garden soil.

Forsythia x 'MNICHI01' PPAF

Bright yellow new foliage in spring boosts the flower color of Believe It Or Not®.

Green splashes emerge on leaves as the weather warms, but the plant stays heavily variegated.

Believe It Or Not® adds a ray of sunshine to the late winter and early spring garden. 

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Believe It Or Not®

Plant Profile

Plant Type
Flowering shrub
Full sun to part shade
Average Height
4 to 5 feet
Average Width
4 to 5 feet
Average Spacing
5 to 7 feet
Zones 5a - 8a
Average soil and moisture

Development Story

This beautiful new forsythia is a one of a kind variety. Developed from a plant found at McCorkle Nurseries Inc. in Dearing, Georgia, it was tested and developed at the CANR (Center for Applied Nursery Research) in 2019.  Fosythia are a low maintenance deciduous flowing shrub that belong to the olive family. They are most known for their bright yellow flowers that come early in the spring. Allowed to create its natural form, the branches create an arching display of glorious color. Most varieties grow into large bushes and can be used as privacy walls and for erosion control on slopes and in foundation plantings.

Development Story


They can tolerante poor garden soil, are fairly drought tolerant once established and have very little pest or disease problems. Be sure to plant forsythia in full sun for best flower and growth. 

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    Forsythia is a well-loved choice for adding color in later winter or early spring, but typically fades into the background after a quick blaze of yellow glory. Believe It Or Not® changes all that, with golden foliage splashed with bright green, for color that lasts until frost. Enjoy the fountain of gold created by slender, arching stems as a foundation shrub, mass planting, on a slope, or even in a large flower bed. 

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