Asiatic Jasmine


Add brightness to any shady spot in the garden with the dramatic foliage of Snow-N-Summer™.  New growth emerges a striking pink and turns clear white. The leaves then change to variegated white and emerald green for a beautiful contrast. Fragrant white blooms in summer add more appeal. Extremely versatile as a groundcover for borders and walkways or trained to spread as a vine.


Trachelospermum asiaticum 'HOSNS' 
Snow-N-Summer™ Asiatic Jasmine


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Plant Profile

Plant Type
Partial Sun to Full Shade
Average Height
6" - 10"
Average Width
2' - 3'
Average Spacing
2' - 3'
Hardiness Zones
Zone 7 - 9
Soil Moisture
Well-drained, semi-moist

Features & Uses


  • Can serve as groundcover
  • Deer resistant
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Provides fall color
  • Fragrant



  • Groundcover
  • Container
  • Mass Planting
  • Vine

General Maintenance


Prune in fall to shape if necessary



Apply general-purpose fertilizer in the spring when new growth appears. Check with your preferred garden center for your specific area.



An excellent choice for adding color in mixed container gardens.


Companion Plants

There are several plants that would make great companions in the garden or landscape.
The key to companion planting is selecting plants with similar cultural requirements. Below are a few suggestions:

Blue Cascade® Distylium, Mini Penny™ Hydrangea, Pink Explosion Azalea, Snowball Azalea

  • In the Garden

    In the Garden

    Extremely versatile! For showy color and dramatic displays, plant Snow-'N-Summer™ in mass along garden borders and walkways. Even in shady areas, the trendy plant features dramatic white and emerald-green foliage. In summer, fragrant white blooms add to its charm. Although it makes a wonderful ground cover, it can also be trained to spread as a vine across a fence or trellis. Or try livening up container gardens by using them as a spectacular underplanting.

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